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2020 Pet License Renewals & Excess Domestic Animals Permit

Post Date:12/06/2019 11:19 AM

The City would like to remind citizens to “be safe and responsible pet owners” by licensing their pets.  The 2020 pet tags are now available at the Customer Service Center in City Hall, Animal Adoption and Rescue, 2400 Hawkeye Drive, or at participating veterinarians’ offices. 

All pet licenses expire on December 31st of the license year.  Renewal letters will be mailed to current pet license holders the second week of December reminding them to renew their pet’s license.  The cost of the license is $15.00 for neutered cats and dogs, $31.00 for unneutered (intact) cats and $50.00 for unneutered (intact) dogs.  Pets must be vaccinated for rabies before a license can be issued. 

Citizens are reminded that penalties will be added to pet licenses issued after March 1st. If pet licenses are obtained after March 1st a $15.00 penalty will be added to each license fee; $20.00 will be added after April 1st; and $25.00 after May 1st. 

In addition, there is a City ordinance limiting the number of animals (dogs and cats) that are allowed in residentially zoned areas of town.  The ordinance limits each household to three animals with no more than two from the same species.  For example, a household can be home to 2 dogs and 1 cat but not 3 dogs or 3 cats without obtaining the Excess Pets Permit.  Obtaining the $10 permit allows you to exceed the limit.  The permit is good for 2 years from the date of issue.  All pets must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed before a permit can be issued.

Call 224-7387 for information on pet licenses or the Excess Pets Permits.  All pet licensing and permit information is also available at

Be a safe and responsible pet owner, register your pets, it’s the law. Remember, a pet license tag is a call home for a lost pet.

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