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Sioux City Recycling Campaign: It Starts With You!

Post Date:04/22/2019 3:02 PM

The City of Sioux City has been working on a new marketing campaign to increase recycling. Updates to the program include a new logo and tagline specific to the recycling program, recycling magnet, and brochure that includes information about recycling, garbage, and other disposal information. Additional outreach efforts include a public service announcement to be aired on local stations beginning on Earth Day, and ads for print, online, and radio.

Through this campaign the City is working towards accomplishing two goals; target current residents who recycle to remind them of what is and is not recyclable in an effort to reduce contamination and increase the amount of material residents put in their recycle bin. Additionally, to increase the number of residents participating in the program. These efforts will result in reduced contamination and increase the value of all recyclable materials, and increase the amount of recyclable material generated by the City.

In addition to marketing efforts, the City has partnered with Downtown Partners to install new combination garbage and recycling units throughout downtown. The new logo will be stenciled and painted at each recycling container.

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