Sidewalk Snow

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The City ordinance on snow/ice removal requires residents to remove ice and snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property within twelve (12) hours following a snow event. If snow or ice remains on any sidewalk for more than twenty-four (24) hours, the City may remove at the cost of the property owner. 

You can help be a "snow angel" to keep our pedestrians and children safe by:

  • Removing snow and ice from all sidewalks adjacent to your property, including sidewalks on the side of your home/ business if you reside on a corner lot.
  • Ensure sidewalks are free of snow and ice within 12 hours of a storm event.
  • If you are unable to clear your sidewalk, ask a neighbor or family member for help. Or, to find snow removal services, search the internet for snow removal services or check with your neighborhood organization.
  • Offer to clear your neighbor's sidewalk if they are elderly, disabled, or simply unable to perform the task.
  • If a neighbor has repeatedly failed to clear their sidewalk, please contact the City Inspections office at 224-5216.
  • Review the City ordinance for more information regarding required clearing of snow/ice removal on sidewalks. 

No person may deposit snow or ice from a private property on to a public highway, street, avenue, alley or park within the City. 

Shoveling snow