Snow FAQ

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Weather forecasting is the trigger mechanism for any storm.  Once the snow removal operation has begun, snow plow drivers may be assigned to 12-hour shifts until residential streets have been cleared of snow.  The City is divided into six major control areas, and consist of sixteen salt and sand spreader routes.  City Streets and alleys are categorized into three priorities.

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  • Can I put salt on my gravel road?

  • Can I shovel snow from my sidewalk or driveway in to the street?

  • How long after a snow fall event do I have to clean my sidewalks?

  • Why are there piles of snow (wind rows) down the center of the downtown lanes of traffic?

  • When will the snow emergency end?

  • How can I find out if there has been a snow emergency declared?

  • Where can I park during a snow emergency?

  • When is a snow emergency declared?

  • What does a snow flake sign mean?

  • What is a Priority One Street?

  • How do I report a vehicle that is in violation of the odd/even parking during a snow emergency or is abandoned?