USS Sioux City

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USS Sioux City HeaderWhile the USS Sioux City is the 11th in the class of fast and versatile Littoral Combat Ships, it is the first time that Sioux City has been honored as a namesake city.  

The USS Sioux City, was christened on January 30, 2016 by ship's sponsor Mrs. Mary Winnefeld, wife of former Vice Chairman of the Join Chiefs of Staff Admiral James "Sandy" Winnefeld.  

Designed to be agile and stealthy surface combatants, Littoral Combat Ships are capable of defeating the anti-access threats of nations who challenge our freedom of navigation in contested areas like the Persian Gulf and the South China Sea.  The ship incorporates innovative construction, manning, training and operational concepts designed to be forward deployed around the world for long periods of time. 

The ship is 389 feet long (longer than a football field), has a draft of 13.5 feet and goes 45+ knots (~50 miles per hour).  She has two crews of about 100 sailors who will rotate manning the ship.  

The USS Sioux City was officially commissioned on November 17, 2018 at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. 


USS Sioux City

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