Hearing Impared Loop - Ear Symbol 

Thank You!
To the Si
oux City Sertoma Clubs for Sponsoring the
Hearing Loop Technology Now Available in the
Sioux City Council Chambers

Please ask City Clerk for equipment.

5th Floor ~ City Hall ~ 405 6th Street

The Hearing Loop System now available in City Council Chambers provides people with hearing loss a much improved audio signal. This audio signal can be received through your own hearing aid, if it is equipped with telecoils; you can contact your hearing aid provider to see if you have telecoils. You can also receive the audio signal through the use of a portable receiver provided to you; see the City Clerk to request a portable receiver when attending a Council Meeting in the Chambers. At this time we are limited to 4 portable receivers loaned out on a first come basis.

 If you would like additional information on the Hearing Loop System in the City of Sioux City Council Chambers you may call the City Clerk’s Office at 712-279-6313 or 712-279-6310. If you would like additional technical information or for a list of Frequently Asked Questions you can visit, this is not a City of Sioux City website.

With this new system we hope we are able to assist citizens with hearing loss to become more involved in City activities and with the progress initiated at the City Council meetings. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.



There will not be a Meeting of the City Council

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Fifth Monday of the Month.


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