Emergency Preparedness

Flooding Resources

Siouxland District Health Department has compiled many resources to help inform people how to protect their families and their properties as this recovery stage progresses. Click here for flooding resources.
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The City of Sioux City is actively preparing for the possibility of natural and manmade disasters. The City works with Woodbury County Emergency Management, Siouxland District Health, area hospitals, and others. Sioux City and Woodbury County have a combined Emergency Management Team.  The team meets weekly to revise plans and address disaster preparedness issues. 

Training and Exercising the Emergency Plans

The City and County have a combined Emergency Operations Plan.  They have a combined Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which is located on the campus of Western Iowa Tech Community College.  Several City and County departments as well as non-governmenal agencies make up the staff of the Emergency Operations Center.  They train for their specific tasks and functions on a regular basis.  The last functional exercise of the EOC was September 30, 2009.  The exercise identified some operational issues that have been addressed with a new command and control operating system and a new Emergency Operations Plan.  The next test of the EOC will be September of 2011.  

Community evacuation planning
There is an evacuation plan including evacuation routes extablished for the City.  People with Functional Needs that have registered with the Special Needs Registry are identified in the plan. 

Radio compatibility
Local emergency workers have implemented a new radio system that allows police, fire, EMS personnel and other response agencies to speak to each other directly via radio, instead of relaying messages through dispatchers. This  improves response times and communication during emergencies. The new radio system was funded by state and federal grants.

Public health emergencies
In Sioux City, a Pandemic Flu Committee, and an Infectious Disease Committee is comprised of representatives from Sioux City, Woodbury County, Dakota County, public health agencies, hospitals, universities/colleges, private health agencies, the court system, and businesses. The group has been meeting to develop response plans for a possible bird flu pandemic, and other types of public health emergencies