Cone Park Design Construction Advisory Committee

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The Cone Park Design and Construction Advisory Committee advises the City Council on the selection of design and construction professionals, and on the design and construction of Cone Park. On May 31, 1981 Ruth Cone passed away, and by the terms of her will, and that of her deceased husband, Frank, a trust was to be established in which assets were to be held and invested for a period of 25 years and then distributed to the City for the establishment of the park. As of March 2008 the gift is valued at $2.5 million.

Number of Members:
3 Years
As needed 
4th Floor Clocktower Conference Room, City Hall, 405 6th Street
  • One member - Sioux City Council Member
  • One member - background in architecture or engineering
  • One member - background in parks and recreation activities
  • Six members - citizens-at-large
Craig Berenstein, Paul Stensland, Virginia Anderson, Tim Seaman, Fran Palmersheim, Karen Van De Steeg, Ronald Colling, Joe Krage, Rhonda Capron (Council)

There will be no new appointments made to the Cone Park Committee, the current members will stay seated until the completion of the project. Please call the City Clerk's Office at 712-279-6313 or 712-279-6310 if you have questions. Thank you!