Parking and Skywalk System Board of Trustees

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The Parking and Skywalk System Board of Trustees provides for the operation, maintenance, and repair of the skywalk system; establishes rules, regulations, and minimum standards for the system; selects employees necessary to operate and maintain the system; establishes standards for signage and advertising in the system; and controls the revenue allocated for the system. The board also provides oversight of municipal parking operations within the central business district, especially those operations concerned with marketing and customer service. The board advises the City Council on parking issues such as standards for the operation, supervision, and maintenance of the parking ramps, lots, and metered spaces; rates and fees; repairs and/or construction of parking facilities; and marketing strategy for the promotion and sales of downtown parking services.
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  • Vacancies: None
Nature of the Board: Administrative/Advisory
Number of Members:
Membership Requirements:
  • Four members whose property or leasehold is traversed by or directly connected to the skywalk system.
  • One member shall be appointed from among other property owners of the city who have no private property interest in the skywalk system, with preference being given to a downtown business impacted by on-street parking.
  • One member shall be appointed from the Downtown Partners organization.
  • One member representing City staff, shall be appointed by the City Manager.
Current Members:
Samuel Avery, Alexcia Boggs, Ragen Cote, Jeff Lamoreux, Mark Reinders, Pat Rosacker, Monette Harbeck (City Staff)
Member Terms: 3 Years
Meetings Held:
3rd Wednesday of each month, 9:00 a.m.
Location: 3rd Floor Training Room, Ho-Chunk Centre, 600 4th Street
Annual Report: FY 2019 Annual Report  

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