Senior Living Survey

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The Seniors Advisory Committee serves as an advocate for senior citizens to the City of Sioux City Council in order to represent the interests of and enhance the quality of life for seniors in Sioux City. 

During 2017 and 2018, the committee worked diligently to secure information about senior services existing in the city and to develop a Senior Living Survey which would help to determine the group’s direction for the coming year.  The survey covered five areas: General Information, Community, Transportation, Opportunities, and Health & Home. The Senior Living Survey was implemented from August 31 until September 30, 2018 for persons 55 and over, their families and their caretakers. 

Older Diverse Adults


Upon reviewing comments submitted in these areas, a “Top 10” list emerged.  The Seniors Advisory Committee would propose that these items a) be included in the City’s Comprehensive Plan, and b) be addressed with the various city departments/committees/agencies as a work plan for 2019.

In order to work more quickly on these issues, the Seniors Advisory Committee may consider breaking into two groups to meet with the various groups and report back to the entire committee.  Any solutions would be reported back to the City Council prior to implementation or submission to the media.


About the Senior Advisory Committee
The City Council recognizing that seniors comprise 15% of the population, established the Seniors Advisory Committee in June 2017.  The seven-member committee’s charter goals are to provide input on senior goals and provide feedback on the City’s Strategic Plan; Encourage coordination and collaboration with other senior related agencies; Advocate for senior issues in the community; Promote awareness and involvement on senior community related issues; Accomplish beneficial change for seniors in the community; and Increase awareness of senior issues through the media.