Woodbury County Information and Communication Commission

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The Woodbury County Information and Communication Commission performs two separate and distinct functions. The first is to oversee the combined Information Technology for the City of Sioux City and Woodbury County. The second is to establish broad policies for the operation of the Communications Center serving the City, the County and surrounding areas.

  • Vacancies: none
Administrative Entity created by a 28E Agreement between the City of Sioux City, Iowa and Woodbury County, Iowa
Number of Members:
The City Council of Sioux City and Board of Supervisors of the County shall designate by motion or resolution their respective members of the Commission. The Citizen Representative is a term of three years.
Second Wednesday of every month, 8:05 a.m.
Room 104, Woodbury County Courthouse, 7th and Douglas
Membership:  Two City Council Members from the City of Sioux City, two Supervisors from the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors and one Citizen Representative
Pete Groetken (City of Sioux City), Dan Moore (City of Sioux City), Marty Pottebaum (Woodbury County),  Rocky De Witt (Woodbury County) and Jeff Sypermsa (Citizen Representative)