Criminal Activity & Fraud

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The Sioux City Housing Authority (SCHA) encourages staff, program participants, and the public to report possible fraud. The SCHA will review all referrals, specific allegations, complaints, and tips from any source including individuals, companies, and other agencies to determine if they warrant investigation. In order for the SCHA to investigate, the allegation must contain at least one independently-verifiable item of information, such as the name of an employer name or an unauthorized household member. The SCHA will investigate inconsistent information related to the family that is identified through file review and the verification process.

Housing fraud is any action or failure to act that gives excess benefits to an assisted person or family that does not qualify to receive that level of assistance. Any individual who knowingly withholds information, fails to notify the Housing Authority of a change in family circumstances, or otherwise engages in an activity prohibited by the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) regulations is committing fraud.

The majority of families who participate in our program are honest and follow the rules. Reporting fraud, waste, and abuse can help the government save valuable tax dollars.

What is considered to be fraud?

Fraud could be any of the following:

  • Not reporting that a family member has started work or has unreported income (for example – an in-home childcare business).
  • Not reporting that the head of household’s significant other/ life partner lives in the unit.
  • Not reporting additional income the household receives such as child support or social security,
  • Not reporting who is actually living in the unit.
  • Not reporting that children have left the home.
  • Renting out or subletting the assisted unit, or a bedroom in the assisted unit, to someone else.
  • Falsifying documents or signatures such as social security numbers and birth certificates.

Do you know a Housing Choice Voucher Program landlord who is committing housing fraud?

Soliciting and/or receiving extra rent on the side, renting to relatives without approval from the Sioux City Housing Authority, accepting payment from the Sioux City Housing Authority for a vacant unit, or for a unit which the program participant no longer lives, or a landlord living in the same unit as the family.

Consequences for committing fraud?

In the case of family-caused errors or fraud, the family will be required to repay any excess subsidy received.

The SCHA may require as a condition of receiving or continuing assistance, that the guilty family member not reside in the assisted unit.

The Housing Authority may deny or terminate the family's assistance.

The SCHA may refer the family for state or federal criminal prosecution.
Landlord's can face termination from the program, termination of their contract, recapture of payments, and/or prosecution under federal statutes.

How to Report Criminal Activity or Fraud

Call the Sioux City Housing Authority at (712) 279-6348 or Fax (712) 224-5200

When reporting fraud or crime please be as specific as possible regarding the activities even if leaving a message. If you prefer to talk to us, please leave your name and phone number where you can be reached. All calls are confidential and you may choose to remain anonymous at all times.