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meetingView below to learn more about the services that the Sioux City Planning division provides. Applications for the following requests can be found by clicking here.


This is one of the most common services provided by the Planning Division. The city is divided up into zones allowing certain types of uses and structures. The broad categories of zones are: residential; business; industrial; and agricultural. Within each zone, there are gradients of intensity, density, and lot coverage.

Occasionally there may be a need to adjust boundaries of zones to reflect changing development patterns. As zoning districts are created through the ordinance process, the City Council must make changes, also, through the ordinance process.

Site Plan Approval

Certain developments require site plan approval for the construction proposed. Most site plans can be reviewed and approved by the Design Review Committee (DRC). The DRC serves as an administrative body composed of various city departments. Site plans reviewed by the DRC can be referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Historic Preservation Commission.

To initiate a site plan approval, an DRC request form must be submitted along with the specific application form (i.e. site plan application). Typically, the DRC meets once a week as needed. If an application is not approved by all departments at the initial meeting, the applicant is required to make revisions to the plan before coming before the DRC for final approval.

Vacation and Sale of Right-of-Way

Another very common procedure requested by citizens is the vacation and sale of unneeded rights-of-way. If the alley or street is still a dedicated right-of-way, then the right-of-way needs to be vacated by the City Council through the ordinance procedure. Once vacated, the land may then be sold to interested parties. Such sales of city property are done through resolution by the City Council. If the parcel of land is not dedicated right-of-way, sales are handled through the property office.

To initiate a vacation and sale, an application, filing fee, and certified abstractor’s list (see below) must be submitted to the planning office. A hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission will be scheduled.

Temporary Use

Temporary uses are land uses of limited duration or uses involving minimal investment in structures or minimum grading and which, if discontinued, would permit rapid and inexpensive conversion of the land occupied to another use. Temporary uses may or may not be in conformity with the general plan. Some temporary uses require submittal of a temporary use permit application.

Easement to Clear Title

The city will provide an easement to a private property owner if a structure is built over a city right-of-way. As with a vacation and sale, the City Council must vacate the right-of-way through the ordinance procedure. The easement is then granted by means of a resolution.

To initiate an easement to clear title, an application and filing fee must be submitted to the planning office. The request for an easement will not be placed on the Planning and Zoning Commission schedule. Instead, it will be placed on the City Council meeting schedule.

Grading Plan and Final Plat

Whenever a parcel of land is divided into three or more portions, or when a subdivision is created with public dedications, a final plat must be prepared in accordance with city ordinance and state law. The city’s subdivision and final plat ordinance governs any subdivision within the corporate limits of the city, as well as the unincorporated rural areas of Woodbury and Plymouth Counties within two miles of the city limits.