Sidewalk Program

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 Safe, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods are a priority for our community. An important component of this is on-going sidewalk maintenance and repairs. Iowa State Code 364.12(d) and City Code Chapter 17.20.070  provides the City of Sioux City the ability to require that the maintenance and repair of public sidewalks be the responsibility of the adjoining property owner. 

The City has been split into ten zones to proactively check for defective sidewalks covering one zone each year (zones are numbered for the corresponding year i.e. zone 8 for 2018, zone 9 for 2019, etc.). To view the zone map, click here.


Some defective sidewalk problems may be repaired instead of replacing the entire sidewalk panel.  Please contact the City Engineering Division, 712-279-6324, to meet with an inspector if you have any questions.


Defective sidewalk means any public sidewalk exhibiting one or more of the following characteristics:

A. Vertical separations equal to three-fourths inch or more;

B. Horizontal separations equal to three-fourths inch or more;  


C. Holes or depressions equal to three-fourths inch or more;


D. Spalling over fifty percent of a single square or panel of the sidewalk with one or more depressions equal to one-half inch or more;


E. A single square or panel of sidewalk cracked in such a manner that no part thereof has a piece greater than one square foot or is cracked in such a manner that it constitutes a danger or a potential danger to the public;


F. Sidewalk with any part thereof missing to the full depth;


G. Deviation on the staked and constructed grade equal to three-fourths inch or more.




Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why did the City send a repair notice for the sidewalk?

A. The Sioux City Municipal Code  states property owners are responsible for repairing unsafe sidewalks abutting their property.


Q. What does the white paint on my sidewalk signify?

A. The white paint identifies the parameters of the area that need to be repaired.


Q. What options do I have to repair the sidewalk?

A. Option 1: Hire your own contractor OR make repairs yourself.

Please make sure any contractor hired is licensed, bonded, and registered with the City of Sioux City.  Please contact 712-224-5216 to verify a contractor's status.  This is for your protection.

      Option 2: Have the City’s contractor make repairs.  Contact Engineering at 712-279-6324 to set this up.


Q. When I have decided which option I prefer, what is my next step?

A. Option 1 requires a City issued permit found here or stopping into the Engineering department at City Hall 405 6th St, Room 409.

Important: You must request an inspection after the concrete is poured, but if you are unsure and would like an inspector to look before pouring, call 712-279-6324 to schedule an inspection.

      Option 2 requires no action on your part. The City’s contractor will perform the work.


Q. What is the typical repair cost if the City's contractor performs the work?

A. The estimated cost varies from year to year and is determined annually when the City accepts and awards a contract to the lowest qualified bidder. The 2018 approximate pricing per square foot was $12.50 (the average sidewalk panel is 16 square foot).


Q. I want to pay for the repairs which the City's contractor completed. Can I send a check now?

A. After you receive your Statement of Account, you will have 30 days from the billing date to pay for repairs. If the amount is not paid within 30 days, it will be processed for special assessment with the next sidewalk assessment.


Additional Questions? Call 712-279-6324