Hazardous Materials

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Household hazardous materials are accepted free of charge for residents at the Citizen's Convenience Center (CCC) located at 5800 28th Street.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Phone: (712) 255-8345

environmental-services-4Items Accepted for Disposal

Auto: transmission fluid, lubricant/oils, additives, gasoline/diesel fluid, brake fluid

Cleaners: wax/polish, drain/toilet bowl cleaners, oven cleaners, rust/metal removers, spot & stain removers

Solvents: dry cleaning solvents, mineral spirits, turpentine/paint thinner, alcohols, gun cleaning, paint, paint stripper/remove

Miscellaneous: fertilizer, weed killer, lead-acid batteries, pool chemicals, butane lighters, glues/adhesives, lighter fluid, aerosols, mercury

Paint Products: Oil-based paints, spray paints, stains & varnishes

Pesticides: flea & tick products, fly traps, moth balls, herbicide, bug spray, rodent poisons, fungicides, algaecides

environmental-services-5For items not on this list please call
the HHM Center at (712) 255-8345

Swap Shop

The HHM Center also has a Swap Shop where citizens may pick up or drop off reusable household hazardous materials such as cleaners, stains and paint products. Products must be in original containers.