Recycling Guide

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 Curbside Recycling Guide

Call 712-279-0151 to request a recycle container

The City of Sioux City offers curbside single stream recycling. All recyclable items listed below may be placed in your recycle container; they do not need to be separated. Gill Hauling offers a blue or pink recycle container. If a pink 65-gallon container is requested for recycling, Gill Hauling will donate $5 to the June E. Nylen Cancer Center for each request.


All hard or molded plastics that hold their own shape (excluding Styrofoam) are accepted.  Examples include milk jugs, drink bottles, detergent bottles, and food containers.

Plastic bags (non-grocery bags) and films must be securely tied within a clear or translucent plastic bag; they cannot be loose in the cart.  Examples include; woven poly pet food and bird seed bags, and plastic wrapping from magazines, paper products, and bulk packaging.

Grocery and green produce bags are encouraged to be recycled through the point-of-purchase.


Acceptable items include paper, envelopes, brown paper sacks, newspaper (including slick ads), telephone books, magazines, catalogs, pizza boxes, corrugated cardboard, egg cartons, and non-metallic wrapping paper. Boxes must be emptied and broken down flat.

Books are accepted, but consider donating those in good condition to the library.
Shredded paper must be securely tied within a clear or translucent plastic bag.


Fruit, vegetable, soup, and pet food cans must be empty. Empty aerosol cans and metal lids are also accepted.  Scrunch foil and foil pans into a compact ball. Please redeem beverage cans if possible, but they are accepted.

Glass is NOT accepted in your curbside recycling container. Visit for more information on glass recycling.

If you additional have questions about what can be recycled call (712) 279-0151.