Storm Drain Marking

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The City welcomes volunteer assistance on an ongoing basis to help mark storm drains with a "do not dump" emblem to remind residents that stormwater runoff from our lawns, streets, parking lots, and buildings, ends up in our local waterways. Rain water can collect debris and chemicals from driveways, roads, and other impervious surfaces as it washes into storm drains.  This can be devastating to native wildlife and can clog pipes, leading to flooding and repairs. Marking storm drains with messages indicating that water drains to nearby streams and creeks discourages residents from dumping hazardous pollutants. 

In addition to volunteering for the Sioux City Storm Drain Marking Program, you can help to reduce water pollution by removing debris and trash from local streets and sidewalks, purchasing a rain barrel to reduce runoff, and by cleaning up after oil and gas spills in your driveway from cars and lawnmowers.  Check out the Iowa Stormwater Education website to learn more about ways to reduce runoff into storm drains.  

How to Volunteer

Choose a Location

Storm drains should be located in residential areas with speed limits of or under 25 mph.

Request a Storm Drain Marking Kit

Go to our Volunteer Sign-up Form to complete the online application for a storm drain marking kit.  Once you have applied you will receive an email confirming your application with a date and time to pick up your marking kit at City Hall.

 Pick up location:

City Hall

405 6th St.

Sioux City, IA 51101

Large groups containing volunteers under the age of 18 will be required to complete a waiver upon kit pick-up.

Review Drain Marking Instructions & Safety Protocols

Be sure to look over the safety requirements and drain marking instructions before embarking on your drain marking outing.  Additionally, check out the instructional video below for more information on how to properly adhere storm drain markers.

Complete your Marking Project

Enjoy your time exploring Sioux City while marking drains and making a difference in the community!

Document your Drain Marking

Help us keep track of which drains have been marked around town by submitting a Storm Drain Marking Log with specifics on your marking location.  This data helps the City map storm drains which still need to be marked and gives us a better understanding of where to send new volunteers.

Return your Storm Drain Marking Kit

Kits can be returned to City Hall following the completion of your Storm Drain marking project.