Field Services

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The Field Services Divisions include City Streets, Underground Utilities and Parks Maintenance. Headquarters are located at 1723 18th Street, Sioux City, Iowa  51105.  Normal business hours are from 7:30am-3:30pm CST.  

City Streets

Our Streets Department is responsible for maintaining and repairing 420 miles of paved streets, 33 miles of paved alleys, 69 miles of dirt streets, and 44 of dirt alleys.  This includes both paved and asphalt streets, pothole repairs, crack sealing, breakdown and blow up repairs, mud jacking, street cleaning, maintenance of bridges and culverts, snow and ice control, over 21,000 traffic signs, over 140 traffic signals and approximately 1,700 City-owned street lights, streets line painting, and coordinates all street light repairs with MidAmerican Energy.  

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Park Maintenance

Parks Maintenance is responsible for maintenance of City Parks, Riverfront Maintenance,  Cemeteries, and mowing of City property Right-of-Way. There are 53 City parks, 2 neighborhood entryways, and 3 City cemeteries maintained by this division. This area of responsibility includes 1,110 acres of City parks, of which 600 is mowed. Staff constructs new playgrounds and maintains existing structures in City parks.

In addition to assisting Public Service Division with Snow and Ice Control on City streets, Parks Maintenance employees also remove snow and ice from 225,000 lineal feet of sidewalk, trails, and park roadways. Staff propagates, plants, and maintains plant material at numerous locations including Anderson Dance Pavilion and the Rose Garden. Employees maintain 400 acres of river dike land along with the operation and maintenance of floodgates. In addition, crews remove dead trees in the rights-of-way and administer the tree trimming program. Maintenance of the 3 City cemeteries (Graceland, Logan, and Floyd) encompasses 226 acres. Memorial programs are offered such as Avenue of Flags and wreaths for the holidays.  

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Underground Utilities

Underground Utilities is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all City owned underground utilities, including sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and water mains. This encompasses all appurtenances of these utilities including approximately 6,889 sanitary manholes,4,000 storm manholes, 6,000 storm water inlets, 6, 236 water valves, and 4,140 hydrants. These systems are comprised of approximately 475 miles of water mains (2"-36" in diameter), 362 miles of sanitary sewers (6"-60" in diameter), and 228 miles of storm sewers (8"-144" in diameter). The division is also responsible for the administration of the Backflow Prevention Program.  

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