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Investigation Fire

The Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB) is an integral and vital part of the Sioux City Fire Department. The FPB is made up of the Fire Marshal, and three inspectors/investigators. The Bureau's duties are to enforce all the laws of the State of Iowa relating to the suppression of arson, and in conjunction with the Sioux City Police Department, to apprehend those persons suspected of arson.

The Bureau also investigates the origin, cause and circumstances of any suspicious fires in the city. Approximately 150 fire investigations are conducted by the Bureau annually. Another function of the bureau is to promote fire safety and the reduction of loss from fire whenever possible.

The FPB also issues and regulates fireworks, bonfire and open burning permits. The main focus of the FPB deals with the laws and codes of the State of Iowa relating to:
  • The prevention of fire
  • The storage, transportation, handling and use of flammable liquids, combustibles and explosives
  • The storage transportation and handling of liquid petroleum gas
  • The electric wiring, heating and adequate means of egress in case of fire from churches, schools, hotels, theaters and all other structures in which persons congregate from time to time, whether public or private

SCFR conducts about 5,000 commercial fire inspections each year. The bulk of these inspections are done by the individual fire companies with coordination and technical guidance from the officers of the FPB. The bureau encourages the citizens of Sioux City to visit their local fire stations, and last year over 2,000 people took advantage of this opportunity.

The firefighters are eager to give demonstrations on the use of their equipment and show off their fire engines as well as the fire house. During the school year, approximately 2,200 children are given a fire safety lesson in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is constantly keeping abreast on all the latest fire safety codes and ordinances in an effort to make Sioux City a safer place to work and live.