Key Documents

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2015-2020_StrategicPlanCoverThe Strategic Plan is a key foundational document that serves as a blueprint to build and continuously improve our organization. It is designed to focus our attention and guide our decision making as we continue to transform into a reference agency of exceptional quality and best industry practices. This plan is the result of a collaborative effort between internal and external stakeholders, and commences where the previous strategic plan concluded.  In addition, the plan is updated annually with an addendum that serves as a “diagnostic check” in gauging the department's performance and depicts the progress made the past year towards completing the strategic priorities and initiatives.



 2019 Strategic Plan AddendumEach year, SCFR publishes an addendum to the current Strategic Plan.  The Addendum is developed to provide an update on the progress made the past year and to incorporate new goals associated with emerging issues and department enhancement.

The reader should view this Addendum as a companion document to the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. There is no deviation from the stated vision, guiding principles or strategic objectives.




2019 Standard of Cover

The Standards of Cover (SOC) establishes written policies and procedures that define the distribution, concentration and deployment of fixed and mobile resources. The fundamental purpose of an SOC analysis is to provide a rational and systematic way of evaluating the emergency and non-emergency services provided by SCFR. This study provides a broad set of long-range applications including the identification of fire and non-fire risks,  performance benchmarking, land use planning, staffing patterns, and supporting strategic planning and policy development relative to resources procurement and allocation.  



The annual State of the Department Report highlights the remarkable accomplishments and capabilities of Sioux City Fire Rescue within the past year.  The report evaluates some of the improvements SCFR has made in service delivery, and charts a course for continued improvement across all programs.