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Permits and Fees

Pursuant to Sioux City Municipal Code, Sioux City Fire Rescue has established fees associated with permits, services, and applications for plan review.  Click HERE for a complete list of permit and service fees.

Each year, fire department personnel conduct routine fire inspections of each commercial occupancy with the city of Sioux City to ensure fire code compliance.  Once it has been determined the occupancy is in compliance with all applicable fire codes, a Fire Safety Operational Permit (FSOP) is issued that allows the applicant to conduct business with the city of Sioux City.  There is no application for the permit, but requires the applicant to provide requested business information annually.  The FSOP is valid for one year, or until the next annual fire inspection.  Home-based businesses are not required to obtain a FSOP.

Fees associated with FSOPs are authorized per Sioux City Resolution 2013-000207, and are calculated based on a number of factors including overall risk, square footage, number of stories, fire protection features, and the amount of hazardous materials on site.  For complete details on the fee structure, click HERE.  

Consumer Fireworks Retail Sales  

  1.  Per Section 727.2 of Iowa Code, approved consumer fireworks sales shall be allowed from an approved structure or building between June 1 and July 8, and from December 10 until January 3. Sales from temporary structures such as a tent or a stand may only occur between June 13 thru July 8.

  2. Any person engaged in consumer fireworks sales in any other zones other than General Commercial (GC) and Business Park (BP) in Fire Zone 3 shall not be approved for sales within the city limits. 

  3. Any business wishing to sell fireworks is asked to complete a "Request for Information" form found HERE  

  4. Safety Requirements: The following safety requirements shall be adopted for all locations where consumer fireworks are sold: 

    1.  No person shall sell consumer fireworks to a person under the age of 18. 

    2. Consumer fireworks shall not be sold to an intoxicated person or to any person whom a reasonable person would believe may be impaired by other substances.     

Pyrotechnics Display (Indoor/Outdoor)

permit is required to conduct a indoor and/or outdoor pyrotechnics display (by a licensed shooter). The permit fee is $150.00. To obtain an application for a pyrotechnics permit, click on HERE .

General Burn Permit

The use of commercially made fire pits and chimneys is allowed in the City of Sioux City, provided certain conditions are met.  Click HERE for a educational brochure that outlines the requirements.

A permit is required to conduct any other type of open burning. Open burning permits may be granted to burn landscape waste such as twigs and branches.  No leaves or grass clippings may be burned. The permit fee is $20.00 a day or $30.00 for two consecutive days.  A permit can be obtained by calling 279-6377 or stopping by our office. 

Prescribed Burning:

A permit can be obtained to conduct a prescribed burn within Sioux City.  Applicants must have an approved Prescribed Burn Plan and contract a certified agency to conduct the burn.  For questions regarding a prescribed burn, please contact our office at 279-6377.

Commercial Tree Burn:

 A permit can be obtained to conduct a commercial tree burn within Sioux City.  Applicants must have the site and equipment approved.  For questions regarding a commercial tree burn, please contact our office at 279-6377.

Installation of Flammable or Combustible liquid and LP Tanks

A permit is required to install any flammable or combustible liquid storage tank. The permit fee is $200.00 per tank for permanent installations.  For temporary installations, there are no fees for flammable or combustible liquid tanks with a capacity over 500 gallons, or an LP tank with a water capacity greater than 125 gallons. To print an application for an above/underground tank installation, click HERE.

Aboveground flammable or combustible liquid storage tanks greater than 1,100 gallon capacity also need approval from the State Fire Marshal’s Office. (  Click HERE for the link to the State Fire Marshal's tank registration form.

Removal of Underground Flammable or Combustible Liquid Tanks

A permit is required to remove any underground flammable or combustible liquid storage tank. To print an application for an underground tank removal, click HERE.

Fire Protection Plan Review:

Plans for fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems and standpipe systems, must be submitted and approved before installation. The applications must accompany submittals. The plan review fee ranges from $100.00 to $300.00.   Click on any of the following links to print a copy of the fire protection plan application.

 Water Flow Test

The Fire Prevention Bureau will conduct hydrant flow tests upon receipt of a flow test request form. The flow test fee is $100.00. To print a request for hydrant flow test/data, click on HERE.

Environmental Research Assessment 

The Fire Prevention Bureau will conduct an environmental assessment of properties located in the City of Sioux City.  The fee for these assessments is $25 per hour with a one hour minimum.  To print an Environmental Assessment Research Request, click HERE.

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