Parking Enforcement

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Ensure turnover in timed zones adjacent to major public and retail high demand areas by enforcing parking ordinances, which include, overtime parking, time limits, no parking restrictions, bus stops, loading zones, and reserved handicap stalls.

Parking enforcement provides enforcement of parking ordinances in the central business district and selected outlaying areas. Sioux City is currently using an automated parking citation-issuance system, which consists of portable handheld computers along with host software installed on a PC system. Hours of enforcement are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fine Amounts

  • $9 for overtime in a parking meter stall
  • $9 for overtime in timed zones
  • $9 for overtime in loading zones
  • $30 for no parking restrictions
  • $30 for restricted zones
  • $200 for handicapped space no permit

After 30 days, the fine cost increases to $14 and $35. Other penalties include vehicle immobilization and vehicle impoundment, these penalties are invoked if a driver has more than three tickets which are 30 days delinquent. A warrant to arrest may be issued or renewal of vehicle registration may be denied for failure to pay fines.

Services Provided

  • Enforce parking ordinances
  • Assist citizens with directions, information, and problems
  • Report traffic signal and pedestrian light malfunctions
  • Report parking meter malfunctions