Rivers Landing Parking on Douglas

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riverslandingRivers Landing Parking is a parking facility which has seven levels of parking and will accommodate 690 vehicles. It is located on 5th Street between Douglas Street and Pearl Street. This facility provides clean, safe, and convenient enclosed parking for downtown visitors and employees.

The ramp is fully automated and accessible at all times. Automation is accomplished with a proximity card for monthly contract parking and a drive-up pay station that will accept validation coupons available from participating merchants, currency ($1, $5, $10, and $20 bills) and coins.

There are 2 entrances on Douglas Street (1 card-only lane and 1 card/ticket dispenser lane) and 2 entrances on Pearl Street (1 card-only lane and 1 card/ticket dispenser lane). On the Douglas Street side there are 2 exit lanes, 1 lane for card-out contract parkers only and 1 lane controlled by a drive-up pay station combined with a card-out option. On the Pearl Street side there are 2 exit lanes, both are for card-out contract parkers only.  Maximum height clearance is 7'0".

Rivers Landing Parking has skyway accessibility to HOM Furniture on the 1st level southeast landing. Rivers Landing Parking usage is both long-term parking for employees of surrounding businesses and short-term parking for downtown visitors.

Rate Structure

  • 1st hour & weekend parking FREE
  • Hourly rate $.75
  • Daily maximum $5.25
  • 24 hour maximum $8.25
  • Overnight parking (7 p.m. to 7 a.m.) $3.00
  • Weekend parking FREE
  • Monthly contract parking $50 per month
  • Special group rates are available
  • Event parking available

If you need to contact someone about our services or answer any questions, please call 712-279-9500.