Bacon Creek Dog Park

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Bacon Creek Dog Park is Sioux City's only Off-Leash Dog Park.  There are separate, fenced-in areas for small and big dogs.  Bring your dog to run off leash and train them to socialize with other pets!

Please follow all the rules and regulations to keep this a safe place for all pets and pet owners.


  • City of Sioux City is not responsible for actions of people or dogs

  • People and their dogs enter at their own risk

  • Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries caused by their dogs

  • Owners and their dogs should expect frequent interaction with other dogs or people

  • The following is prohibited in the park:

    • Dogs in heat

    • Dogs injured or ill

    • Puppies under six months of age

    • Food, bones, toys, or rawhide

    • Prong or spike collars

    • All non-dog related activities

    • Dogs which exhibit the following behavior:  bite, harm, or attempts to bite or harm, attack, chase or approach in an apparent attitude of attack, any person or animal

  • Remove dogs at the first sign of aggression

  • Proof of current vaccinations required

  • Close all gates to the dog park and dog run after entering or exiting

  • Keep your dog on-leash until you enter the off-leash area

  • Never leave your dog unattended - limit technology usage while in the park

  • Bring no more than two dogs per person, and carry a leash for each dog at all times

  • Children must be 9 years of age or older and should be under close supervision

  • Any person in charge of a dog must be sixteen (16) years of age or older

  • Dispose of pet waste - bags and containers are provided at the park entrance

  • Fill any holes made by your dog

  • Dog Park users can be issued a citation by Animal Control for any animal ordinance violation including the dog park rules

  • If conflicts arise, contact the Police dispatch center at 712-279-6960

  • If bitten, provide information to the Sioux City Animal Control at 712-279-6170

  • For more information about Sioux City’s Parks contact the Sioux City Parks & Recreation Office at 712-279-6126