Underground Utilities

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Sioux City Underground Utilities is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all City owned underground utilities, including sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and water mains. This encompasses all appurtenances of these utilities including approximately 6,889 sanitary manholes,4,000 storm manholes, 6,000 storm water inlets, 6, 236 water valves, and 4,140 hydrants. These systems are comprised of approximately 475 miles of water mains (2"-36" in diameter), 362 miles of sanitary sewers (6"-60" in diameter), and 228 miles of storm sewers (8"-144" in diameter). The division is also responsible for the administration of the Backflow Prevention Program.


The Underground Utilities Division is comprised of 33 full time staff that provide maintenance coverage 24 hours a day 5 days a week split into three shifts.


The Underground Utilities Division is a multi-faceted operation dedicated to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Sioux City through the delivery of safe drinking water and disposal of the resultant wastewater, and conveyance of storm water to a natural waterway. The staff focuses on customer service and maintenance of the infrastructure necessary to provide the excellent service that the citizens of Sioux City have grown accustomed to.