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What to do if you smell sewer gas?

During high pressure cleaning it is possible that you may experience a loss of water in your sewer traps due to the vacuum effect that occurs, if this happens you will get sewer gas coming back into your home. The best cure for the sewer smell is to pour water into all your drains and flush your toilets to fill the sewer traps and stop the gas from coming back in. If this does not solve the smell problem please contact the Underground Utilities Division.

What caused water to gush from my toilet?

During high pressure cleaning it may cause blow back of water into your house out of your sanitary sewer. This is typically caused by there being very little change in grade from the sewer main and the house. If this happens please contact our office.

What is the property owners responsibility for maintenance?

The property owner is responsible for the sewer service line from the foundation of their building to the point where it connects to the City main.