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The Utilities Department is responsible for the implementation of environmental programs associated with solid waste and recycling, drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, and stormwater quality.

  • Water Treatment - The City of Sioux City operates and maintains the Zenith Water Treatment Plant and associated water storage and booster stations facilities. The Zenith plant is capable of treating 30 million gallons per day, with the peak day production at 28.5 million gallons, in the recent past. The average day demand for water is 13.75 million gallons per day. In December of 2011, a second treatment plant was added to the water system which is capable of producing an additional 10 million gallons per day. This new facility is located in the Southbridge Industrial Park.
  • Wastewater Treatment- The wastewater treatment plant is permitted to handle a maximum wet weather flow of 28.73 million gallons per day.  The average amount of wastewater treated to the facility daily is 11.5 million gallons. The treatment plant located on Lewis Boulevard is the first of its kind in the State of Iowa. With the effluent quality being produced by this facility, Sioux City is expected to meet water quality requirements well into the future.
  • Recycling and Solid Waste ‐ Sioux City has an excellent program for recycling and solid waste. Over 3,200 tons of material is disposed of monthly. This program is available to all citizens, is easy to use and is affordable. Solid waste (including yard wastes) is disposed of in Jackson, Nebraska and single stream recycling is handled in LeMars, Iowa. Supplementing this program is the Household Hazardous Materials Center located at the 5800 28th St., which allows citizens disposal options for products that can’t be taken to a landfill or flushed down the drain.
  • Storm Water Quality – The City is required to implement a program to protect the storm water quality of the local and downstream water bodies. This program requires substantial coordination of staff to ensure that runoff protections are in place and maintained. Another major component of the program is the education of citizens, students, contractors and staff on the importance of protecting our waterways.


The Utilities Department is staffed with over 60 employees who work directly with water and wastewater. The staff is involved with the 24 hour a day 7 day a week operation of the infrastructure which is critically important in providing safe and reliable service to the residential, commercial, and industrial users of this community.


These programs are very important to insure that citizens are provided with sanitation service, unimpaired surface water quality, and a reliable and safe supply of drinking water. By insuring the proper stewardship of the City’s infrastructure and communication with citizens, community leaders, and other City departments, the Utilities Department has a positive impact on the health and safety of the community, enhances the quality of life, and provides support for economic development. All of these achievements are made with the goal of providing cost effective and efficient public services.


To pay your water bill on-line please go to:   https://c2g.sioux-city.org/Click2GovCXP/index.html

To start or discontinue water/sewer/garbage service please call (712)279-6132 - Customer Service

To set up Gas/Electric service please call MidAmerican Energy at 888-427-5632