Renewable Fuels Project

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An upgrade to the Sioux City Wastewater Treatment Plant is underway that will reduce air emissions, improve odor control, and support our vision for a healthier city. The facility design, engineered by Bartlett & West of Des Moines, will ultimately recover methane and carbon dioxide produced through wastewater treatment and convert it into a renewable natural gas, making operations more efficient.

Onsite production of renewable natural fuel will create new revenue streams through the nationwide natural gas market, which may offset the need for some future rate increases. The renewable natural gas that is produced will be used for vehicle fuel.  Over time, the project is expected to pay for itself and position Sioux City as a unique, visionary leader in the Midwest region with one of the greenest renewable natural gas projects to date.
Depending on when the project is completed, Sioux City may be the first wastewater facility in the state of Iowa and one of the first five in the country to do this.

The project is expected to begin construction within 2018 and be operational in 2020.  

 May 10, 2018 Press Release - Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Underway

Ever wonder where your water goes after you flush or turn off the tap?
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