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Sioux City Wastewater Treatment Plant Safety

A major priority at the Sioux City Wastewater Treatment Plant continues to be the safety of the employees, facilities, and the general public. Monthly Safety Training (including hands-on safety exercises) and Safety Committee Meetings are used to discuss and address any new or outstanding safety concerns, safety awareness and safe work ethics practiced by each of the employees. Each employee is required to participate in all monthly safety courses and/or be current with all required safety certifications.

The safety committee is made up of members from various departments, including departmental personnel, supervisors and managers. At the meetings, the committee discusses any new or outstanding safety concerns. By hosting an open forum for employees to express safety concerns, it not only gives the employees an opportunity to discuss their concerns, it also allows employees the opportunity to contribute to the resolution and awareness of any hazards that may exist.

In addition to domestic wastewater, the Sioux City WWTP receives flow from approximately 20 industries throughout the region.

Following treatment, as authorized by Iowa Department of Natural Resources issued NPDES permit, treated wastewater is discharged into the Missouri River.

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