Cold Weather Utility Protection PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 February 2014 09:24

With the recent extreme cold, residents in Sioux City are experiencing problems associated with freezing utility lines. Freezing can be a problem that occurs with utility lines inside and outside of a home or business. Learn how to keep this from happening.


Home and business owners are encouraged to circulate warm air around pipes that are susceptible to freezing. Pipes that are susceptible may be located in basements, crawl spaces, or near exterior walls. If you have pipes in these areas make sure that doors connecting warmer areas of the home or business are left open to allow for warm air to circulate around the pipes. These doors may be cabinets or adjacent rooms. Additionally leaving water dripping from faucets is also an effective way to protect pipes from freezing. If you experience frozen interior plumbing it is suggested that you contact a licensed plumber to help resolve the issue.


Due to extreme cold weather and a lack of snow cover this year the frost line is deeper than normal. This has caused freezing issues with service lines that connect homes and businesses to the City water system. If you experience a loss of water be aware that this may be the cause. It is recommended that in the event of a water loss that citizens contact Underground Utilities at 279-6164. City staff will respond and investigate the area to see if the issue is in the water system or isolated to a single home or business. In the event that an individual service line is frozen it will be the home or business owner’s responsibility to get the line thawed and make any necessary repairs. Be aware that the property owner has responsibility for the water service line from the building all the way to where it connects to the water main.