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Parks Maintenance includes Parks, Riverfront Maintenance, Cemeteries, and Rivers/Roads/Rights-of-Way.

There are 53 City parks, 2 neighborhood entryways, and 3 City cemeteries maintained by this division. This area of responsibility includes 1,110 acres of City parks, of which 600 is mowed. Staff constructs new playgrounds and maintains existing structures in City parks. In addition to assisting Public Service Division with Snow and Ice Control on City streets, Parks Maintenance employees also remove snow and ice from 225,000 lineal feet of sidewalk, trails, and park roadways. Staff propagates, plants, and maintains plant material at numerous locations including Anderson Dance Pavilion and the Rose Garden. Employees maintain 400 acres of river dike land along with the operation and maintenance of floodgates. In addition, crews remove dead trees in the rights-of-way and administer the tree trimming program. Maintenance of the 3 City cemeteries (Graceland, Logan, and Floyd) encompasses 226 acres. Memorial programs are offered such as Avenue of Flags and wreaths for the holidays.