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Before the founding of Sioux City in 1854, the Loess Hills were covered by millions of acres of prairie with hundreds of species of plants and animals calling the Loess Hills home. Today, after years of growth, only pockets of prairie still exist. We call these pockets or islands of untouched ground "remnant prairie." With the Sioux City Loess Hills Prairie Corridor, we're dedicating park space around some of these remnant prairies within the city limits and helping re-establish this highly diverse and beautiful ecosystem so that they may be enjoyed by future generations to come.


SC28.CV.1900-1909.South Missouri River Bottoms.01

Here you see a picture of a portion of the Prairie Corridor from the early 1900's.






In Sioux City, we're rediscovering our heritage while we're Growing Green!





In the fall of 2012 with the help of grants from Prairie Partners, and Rockwell Collins, the City began seeding the first 40 acres of fallow (unused) land.






 IMG 20130626 094838

After first mow, June 2013. Many native species such as cone flower and big bluestem already very noticeable!







IMG 20130718 133315

First flowers beginning to show as of July, 2013! 









 IMG 20130807 191857