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Listed below are the Associations that partner with the City of Sioux City to provide recreational opportunities for our community. Should you have any questions about any of the Associations, please feel free to contact the persons listed below.

Park/Ballfield                 Association                Contact Information

Headid Park                                  Headid Little League                   Tyler               252-3099 or 490-0689

Center Street Ballfield                Northwest Little League             Rob                258-4433 

Kirk Hanson Park/Ballfield          Westside Little League               Deb                255-1460

Strikers Sports Complex           Morningside Little League           Val                 274-1490
Pulaski Park
                              "      "      "      "             "               "    "

Chautauqua Park                         Floyd Slow Pitch Assoc              Rick                943-7830 or 898-3500

Hubbard Park                                Hubbard Little League                 Steve             389-1853

R'side Park Sports Complex     Siouxland Soccer Foundation      Fae                333-6580

Riverside Park Sports Complex  Siouxland Youth Association     Jim                252-5192         
  (track, softball, basketball, volleyball)

Ruegger Field                                  Tri-State Revolution Soccer      Stacy             898-0905