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Airport - Whether it's a weekend getaway or an extended trip, it all starts at the Sioux Gateway Airport. 

Animal Adoption  - Hannah Inc; Is proud to operate the Animal Control and the Adoption & Rescue services under contract with the City Of Sioux City, Iowa. They work very closely with Noah's Hope Animal Rescue, also based here in Sioux City. 

Building Permits -  Inspection and Permit Services provides services to the community in three general areas:
1. Building Construction Permits and Inspections
2. Rental Housing Permits and Inspections
3. Property Maintenance/Public Nuisance Complaints and Inspections

City Surplus Equipment - Take a look at our available surplus equipment.

Community Services - There are a variety of community associations, facilities, and agencies available in Sioux City for citizens in need of support or services. 

Environmental - The Environmental Services Division is responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations specified in the City's NPDES stormwater permit, administering the City's solid waste contract, working to protect and enhance our natural resources, and to provide assistance to residents on matters of environmental concern.
Housing - The Sioux City Housing Authority is a public agency, established through federal and state legislation, that helps approximately 1,200 low- and moderate-income households (including families, singles, seniors and the disabled) afford safe, quality housing. SCHA administers a wide range of affordable housing programs and resources. These programs are funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Inspection Services - The range of services we provide is formally defined under the general term of "Code Enforcement". The Codes we enforce are the rules adopted by the City and written in the City's Municipal Code - a book of all the rules and procedures that govern all City Services. Although we prefer to offer our services as a "Code Assistance Agency", we also have a duty to operate as a "Code Enforcement Agency".

Parking - The City of Sioux City operates four municipally owned parking ramps in the downtown area. In addition, the City operates and maintains parking meters in the downtown area. Currently, there are 1,298 electronic mechanisms on the street with the ability to accept debit keys (pre-pay parking system).

Public Safety - Emergencies can strike without warning.  Prepare now to care for yourself and your loved ones during a crisis.  Sioux City Fire Rescue is an internationally-accredited agency serving the citizens and visitors of Sioux City since 1888.  Our nationally-accredited Police Department is made up of 125 sworn officers and 25 civilian personnel. These professionals are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and protection to the citizens of Sioux City. 

The Woodbury County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) has been serving the citizens of Woodbury County by providing a variety of services since it was established in 1853.  The Woodbury County Communications Center provides all residents of Sioux City and Woodbury County, Iowa and Dakota Dunes and North Sioux City, South Dakota, a single answering point for processing their calls for emergency and non-emergency assistance from police, fire, medical and general service responders.

Streets -  This activity involves maintaining and repairing 420 miles of paved streets, 33 miles of paved alleys, 69 miles of dirt streets, and 44 of dirt alleys. 

Transit - The Sioux City Transit System provides public transportation in the metropolitan area, including Sioux City, South Sioux City, and North Sioux City.  Our transfer point, the Martin Luther King Jr. Transportation Center, is located at 505 Nebraska Street in downtown Sioux City. 

Utilities - The Utilities Department is responsible for the implementation of environmental programs associated with solid waste and recycling, drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, and stormwater quality.

Water - The City of Sioux City operates the Zenith Water Treatment Plant, Southbridge Regional Water Treatment Plant, associated water storage and booster station facilities.

Provide Water Meter Read