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This activity involves maintaining and repairing 420 miles of paved streets, 33 miles of paved alleys, 69 miles of dirt streets, and 44 of dirt alleys.

Paved Streets
Paved street maintenance includes both streets and alleys, either concrete or asphalt. Street repairs handled by this division include pothole repairs, crack sealing, breakdown and blow up repairs, mud jacking, erosion control in the parking areas, and surface cut repairs for utility contractors.

Dirt Streets
Dirt street maintenance includes roadways as required and as requests are received. Although the abutting property owners must purchase gravel to be placed on streets and alleys, City personnel are available to blade the area at no cost. In addition, dirt street crews provide for the upkeep of drainage ditches.

Street Cleaning
Street cleaning is provided through the use of street sweepers and flushers. Streets are scheduled for cleaning five times per year, and paved alleys are cleaned once. Night hours are used to clean the commercial areas of the city, and residential areas are cleaned during the day hours. Personnel are available around the clock to take care of street cleaning emergencies which include vehicle accidents and removal of hazardous items in the roadways.

Various bridges over the Big Sioux, Floyd River, and Perry Creek are maintained by this division. Culvert maintenance, installation, and repair is another responsibility.

Snow & Ice Control
Snow & ice control is provided by Public Service, Parks and Utilities personnel.